Monday 7th July 2014 and the the first day of activities begin with a collective collective shout out to the multiverse to Swarm to Bern, Switzerland.


The day begins at 10:00 a.m. sharp and theres a group of around twenty people assembled in the large riding hall attached to the Reitschule autonomous center in Bern. First we truck and carry in a couple of tons of wood in the form of pallets, reanimated old stage props and various elements saved from the brink of burning.

Within an hour the raw materials, mainly wood, cardboard and paint, are in the space, meanwhile the kitchen that will serve us all throughout the coming week has been set up so we eat breakfast and talk.

There are some informal introductions, Domo from La Drucki welcomes everyone and then, with a laugh, begins to tell us what is NOT possible over the coming festival days, that we are all collectively responsible for the general safety and security as well as the opening and closing of the public spaces .

– Every day at 19uhr “Vokü” (Peoples Kitchen) Various groups taking part in the festival have already volunteered and have been assigned on different days to cook.

– Midday Freestyle Buffet -the basic survival foodstuffs will be provided and people are invited to “Jekami” (Everyone can join in) to make spontaneus donations and/or cook.

– The Reitschule is a sprawling complex of buildings with a highly developed infrastructure; the woodwork atelier; the restaurant and the Dachstock venue amongst others offer technical and logistical support.

– We go around the circle , people talk about their ideas, we work out roughly where the different attractions and inter-actions will be best   distributed throughout the Riding Hall. The consensus is to construct most of the installations so that they are mobile and can be moved in , out and around the Reitschule complex and finanulllly out into the city itself. Amongst this  ever expanding and self replicating Schwarm Organism, a “Love Tank” is planned, a huge “Elephant in the Room” ; an over dimensional “Bee Swarm” a “Skill Sharing Stage” and a Brion Gysin inspired, “Dream Machine”.

Let the Swarm begin! (FOTOS FROM TODAY)

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